Planned Maintenance System


The Planned Maintenance System helps the ship staff plan their work on a monthly and daily level and report the work done to the management team and the ship owner. Some of the salient features of the system are:

  • The ship staff is able to plan their maintenance and track any delays in execution of the same.
  • The system generates work done reports based on jobs executed during any given period
  • The system tracks jobs when they become overdue or their maintenance is carried out after the scheduled date.
  • The system also tracks the data for corrective jobs executed prior to the planned date
  • The system maps each class related component to an alphanumeric code. A user of the system would be able to search the specific component based on the code and drill down to see the maintenance and usage history of the component. This is possible even for circulating components which are reused in different positions e.g. M/E Pistons.
  • The system maintains a track of all the surveys and overhauls executed and a period based report can be generated for the same.
  • All entries in the system are logged by a timestamp and username.
  • Optimizes the work plan of engineers
  • Tracks and manages surveys
  • Generates detailed reports for decision making
  • Presents archival data at the component level for analysis
  • Easy to allocate specific jobs to specific engineers
  • Schedule tasks using a tasks calendar
  • Clearly shows tasks done, tasks due and tasks over due
  • Shows machinery history of tasks done on it
  • Manages the running hours at the component level