How to choose a PMS

PMS software options are so many and it can be a pretty daunting task to choose the one meant for you. Here are some important points to consider before you make your choice:

  • Choose a PMS based on modern technologies which is web based. J2EE or DotNet would be two good platforms to use which will keep things current for years to come.
  • It must be easy to use. There are thousands of PMS installations which hardly bring any value to the ship staff or the vessel managers in the office. A good PMS must abstract the complexity from the end user and be very simple to use. The Ark has been reviewed as the most user friendly PMS in the world.
  • It must automatically synchronize the data from the ship to the office and vice versa using the ship’s email system. A lot of PMS software either require a manual export import process or just synchronize one way from the ship to shore – both are a formula for trouble when thinking long term
  • It must have an integrated inventory management system which automatically depletes the inventory when the jobs are done on board and increase the inventory when new requisitions are successfully executed. An inventory management process where an engineer sits down at the end of the month to enter ROB values is just a formula for failure.
  • It must have a complete work flow management in place for requisition of spares and stores. From a junior engineer creating a requisition, to the Chief Engineer reviewing it, the Superintendant approving it to the purchase department getting comparative quotes and placing an order. The workflow must end when the engineer on board enters the received quantities and the invoices can be cleared.

The Ark PMS software can go on board your fleet for a few thousand dollars and make the million dollar maintenance machinery so much more efficient. Fill the form on the right to know more.