Why Use a Software to Manage Rest Hours

The rules defined by the STCW and MLC regimes look simple, however, when they work together they create milllions of combinations which can not be easily calculated. Some ship managers have tried to use simple excel based calculators which again get stuck half way through what is truly required.

Key requirements from the software for managing rest hours

Essentially if one really wants to ensure that there are no detentions for the ship based on rest hour rule violations then you need a software like The Ark Resthour Management System (RMS). The RMS module is super easy to use and ensures the following:

  • Ships typically do not have internet access, however, the RMS module keeps the data on ship and shore synchronized automatically using the email system on board the vessel.
  • This creates an opportunity for the vessel managers in the office to collaboratively work with the ship staff to ensure that the crew is rested well. Very easy to use screens help the ship managers review the status of ship within 5 minutes
  • The RMS module facilitates the planning process where group tasks like fire drills can be planned for all the staff on board with a few clicks. The plans created on board can be easily reviewed by the vessel managers in office and re-planning can be initiated when necessary.
  • Tricky scenarios are created every time the ship crosses the International Date Line(IDL). Suddenly there is a date missed or repeated on board the vessel and most software solutions just get confused with the situation and RMS is the only solution that handles it gracefully.
  • Not only does this module take care of the overtime for the crew but even handles the MLC rules correctly for short breaks and meal timing like no other software out there.
  • Compensatory rest is another aspect that needs to be planned, executed and reported well. A lot of times when an NC is inevitable, the only thing that pleases the third party inspector on board is the expression of seriousness by the ship staff to prevent fatigue. This is best handled via the compensatory rest system built into the The Ark RMS.

There are many more reasons for which our clients renew their RMS license with us year after year. Fill in the contact form on the right to get additional details on the same.