SMS Manual Management Process

All processes with repect to The Ark are setup on a single principle – keep it simple.

Q: How do you load up your current SMS into The Ark?
A: You simply hand The Ark support team a soft coy of your SMS manual, may it be in MS Word, pdf or even html format. They load it up into the system and provide you the logins to access it on the web. They also provide you an installer for your ship such that they can also access the SMS manuals on board using their web browser even if they do not have internet access.

Q: How do you publish an update to the procedures in your SMS?
A: Users authorized to update the SMS manuals can do so online. The users authorized to review the updates can approve them and send them to all the ships by the click of a button.

Q: How do the updates reach the ship when there is no internet connection on board the vessel?
A: The updates are automatically synchronized on board via the email system on board the vessel.

Q: I would like my users on the ship to fill in the checklists on a tablet – can that be done?
A: Yes the solution comes with 2 tablets per ship which can be used for reading any procedure and filling any checklist. The tablets also synchronize through the email system such that the office users can see which checklists have been filled up and when they were filled