Why get your Ship SMS on a Tablet

The bulky printed SMS manuals on board sit in the smoke room and are seldom read to confirm the procedures laid out by the company. Checklists which can ensure that any process is executed well, are mostly filled after the job is done. The SMS manuals on a tablet change all that. The Ark Tab is ruggedised to handle environments from the engine room to the cargo holds and is available to you when you need it.
Some advantages of getting your SMS on a tablet:

  • Automatically updated without an internet connection on board the vessel. It exchanges data with the shore servers using the ship’s email system.
  • The latest procedures for your company are always available as per the ISM code in your ship staff’s hands
  • The vessel manager in the office can check any time what checklists are being filled on board and when
  • Enhance your defect reporting forms by attaching photographs taken in real time to the checklist

All of the above can be setup within a month with no effort from your end except for handing us your current SMS manual in MS Word of html format. Fill the form on the right to know more!