Is There a Better Use of Your Noon Chits?

From the times when a telex was the only means of communication from the ship every day at noon, the ship would send all critical parameters about itself to the office. Today with email things have become simpler. Take your ship management process to the next level by inputting that data on board into the Voyage Management System. Did you know that you could use that data to:

  • Analyse how the ship’s fuel consumption is trending since the last dry dock. This data point can be often used to get a hull cleaning done a little earlier than the usual twice in 5 years to have a net saving in dollar terms.
  • Raise an alert via an email anytime the defined limits are over shot. You can choose the group of people who should be alerted for a group of ships. This ensures that the action point does not get buried under all the data as happens in most excel based processes for the same.
  • You can view historical data for voyages before signing up for a charter where you will get penalized very often. It also provides a quick check mechanism every time a current charter-party requirement is not met.

Spending $100 per ship per year could save you millions of dollars every year – contact us now to know more!